Dogs have a very good sense of smell. This was proven by one of the dogs of Don Chatten, while walking in the Ellicott Creek Dog Park. When passing the bridge, one of the dogs started to bark and refused to move. As being this strange, Don decided to follow his dog and find out what was the matter.

There wasn’t the need to wait for a long time when he heard a faint whimpering from a creek. That moment Don reminded for a missing dog in that area, so he went to look out for him. His decision was reasonable enough, because he found a dog, freezing in the middle of the water.

He yelled out to other visitors so they could help by calling 911, but he also knew that he would lose a lot of time until the help would arrive and by that time the little dog might not make it.

So he needed to take action. So, he did!

He broke the ice and got into the icy waters deep enough to rescue the little dog. Don also needed to hold the dog near his chest and get back from the icy waters as fast as possible.

Don completed his mission of rescuing that little puppy, which was named Jackson and was a Terrer mix breed. After that, the dog was taken to the vet to see if anything was wrong with him.

Fortunately, thankful to Don, the dog was all right.

Besides he was okay, the dog’s owner was really happy that he could reunite with his cutest family member.

Everyone is thanking Don but he thinks that without the barking of his dog, he couldn’t rescue the other dog. We wish more people would act like Don, to save the animals.

By Animals