The kind of stories, when dogs are left at the shelter from their families for weird reasons are not finished. The dog at this story used to hang out with the children of the family he belonged to, and also enjoyed very much playing with two other dogs and a cat the owners had.

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He was so lovable and liked to give a lot of kisses!

Sad looking shelter dog
Facebook/ Julie Carner

The strange thing was that the Mom of the family thought of the idea of having the dog around her new baby won’t be good. So, the dog named Freshy, even though was very playful and lovable was left there at the shelter, all alone.

Besides being left, his odds of being adopted by a new family were much more difficult because he was a pit bull.

Unfortunately, the plans about him were to euthanize him. But, after some hours, Eleventh Hour Rescue saw a post by a volunteer who talked and described Freshy.

The words were so touchable, lovely and escpecially about his kisses and his licks, and not just kissing hands but the whole arms.

What’s more, he also got the attention of staff members! One of the volunteers and also the foster carer for Eleventh Hour Rescue, Alana Guerrini was heartbroken when she saw him. She couldn’t wait for more seconds and raced to save his life.

Sad looking shelter dog

Facebook/ Julie Carner

Fortunately, the clock was just like 2 minutes before 5 o’clock, when she could hear the words that they will let him off of death and give him to her.

Freshy, who was named Stommy after he was left at the shelter, was picked by Alana and her son and he immediately showed them the love he has. He couldn’t just stay without moving, so he jumped at her son’s lap and just wagging his tail.

It was a sign showing how happy he was! Now Guerrini, looks to find a new loving, caring and safe home for him!

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