We all have seen abused dogs, chained for hours and just not letting them the real opportunity of life. This is worrying for the animals and also something that owners of those pets must be aware of.

Why exactly Detroit has come up with a new law?

This is the city where you see many abused dogs, and this is the main reason they want to change for better. The new law contains of not being chained anymore, they must not be tethered outside for more than three hours and also must have protection from elements.

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The city council and the organisation of Detroit Animal Care and Control play an important role in their contribution in this new law.

This organization has done many amazing things to animals by helping the starving dogs, dehydrating and being left out alone in the chains. Also this organization says that dogs need love and socialization because in missing that they become so lonely bored and sometimes aggressive too.

This new law affirms to any dog owner that they shouldn’t tether a dog for more than three hours a day. If so, the owner will be fined up to 500$, and may have their dog seized after the third offense.

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Fortunately, the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society will do their best in helping dogs to find them houses, food, fencing and all they need.

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