A woman took the decision to adopt a stray dog from their poor village, unfortunately many animals were struggling to survive.

The woman knew she couldn’t help them all but at least she could help one, so she did it.

The pooch was loyal and sweet and got comfy too the new owner quickly, since he wasn’t used to staying inside the kind mom built a house for him in their backyard.

The woman however noticed that her dog left the backyard for several hours at night and then came back again, he always was tired from this trip and would catch up sleeping during the day.

The mom found this a bit strange so decided to follow the pooch.

Source: REAL FACTS via YouTube

What she found was fairly interesting, the dog went into the village and met another woman. The woman loved seeing the dog and set a bag in front of him. Inside were home made meals the dog ate some than the woman tied the bag and gave the pooch into his mouth.

The owner watched the dog closely and after he left she followed him again, the pooch went into a place where had homeless animals congregated. What happened next will blow your mind!

Dogs are truly amazing if u want to know what he does next please check out the footage below.

Source: REAL FACTS via YouTube

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