A lot of people get blessed with a deer visit in their backyards, these unique wild animals come and go often, but a man found a deer trapped in agony accidentally.

Man finds trapped deer hanging from his fence and hurries to save her

The man was kind and helped the poor deer to get free, as a viral footage shows.

The Dodo posted the video where you can clearly see how the man discovers the deer hanging from his fence while her hoof is trapped in a board.

No one knows how the animal put herself in such a situation, but what was clear is that the deer was in pain. The owner heard the crying from the backyard and immediately reached to help.

“It’s okay, girl. It’s okay,” he is heard saying. “We’ll get you out, okay?” the man kept reassuring the scared animal.


The owner got on the other side of the fence and there he found the doe’s hoof wedged between fence boards, and was unable to push her out.

“You’re hung up pretty good,” he tells the deer, who continues to cry out in pain.

The man refused to give up so he came back with a plan: to break one of the boards from the fence to free the animal.

Fortunately the plan works and immediately after he breaks the board, the doe is freed and gallops off.

The inspiring rescue of the deer went viral and the video has more than 9.5 million viewers, thousands of comments praise the man as a hero for helping an animal in need.

“The best thing you can do when saving a wild animal, stay calm, quiet, and I’ve found a slow, deep, soothing voice helps,” one comment reads. “He did everything right, bravo!”

Well he has our appreciation too, thank you kind man.

Source : Youtube/The Dodo

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